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Cool Planet Energy Systems
Denver, CO
Engineering and Pilot Operations
Camarillo, CA
Thermo-Mechanical System with fractionation and catalytic conversion.
High-octane cellulosic gasoline, Jet Fuel, and Diesel fuel.
First plant to be opened in Alexandria, Louisiana producing 10MMGY of fuel from wood biomass.

Cool Planet has developed a patented process that converts non-food biomass into gasoline through mechanical and chemical processes. Our process, known as the carbon negative fuel cycle creates drop-in gasoline and can be used in any vehicle on the road today.

In addition to the fuel, the Cool Planet process creates a solid, inert carbon, known as biochar. Biochar has many potential uses; currently Cool Planet is researching the use of biochar as a soil enhancer. Sequestering biochar has many benefits for soil and agriculture and permanently removes carbon from the atmosphere, which makes the process carbon negative.

The team at Cool Planet, along with our top-tier investors which include GE, BP, Google Ventures, and North Bridge Venture Partners, believe our technology innovations coupled with our unique business model will help solve our dependence on foreign oil, improve agriculture, and dramatically impact climate change.